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How To Pay Credit Card Bills In QuickBooks Desktop

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Simple tips to Enter Credit Card Payments In QuickBooks Pro

Entering charge card payments into QuickBooks doesn’t need to be confusing. If you’re not sure simple tips to enter credit card payments or partial payments, don’t worry.

In this post, we’ll cover everything you must know about entering credit card payments in QuickBooks Pro in 10 simple steps.

Reconcile Your Bank Card
You might not have known this, but before you enter charge card payments, you need to reconcile your charge card. This safeguards against any errors and makes entering payments easier (just watch and see).

To begin with, go to Banking>Reconcile Credit Card. Make sure to have your charge card statement handy.

Step One: Select Your Charge Card
Choose the bank card account you want to reconcile.

Step 2: Choose Statement Date
Make use of the drop-down calendar to enter the statement date on your bank card statement.

Step 3: Enter Your Ending Balance
Go into the ending balance just as it appears on your own charge card statement.

Step Four: Enter Any Finance Charges
Use the “Finance Charge” box to enter any finance fees (or interest fees). Enter the date the finance fee was charged and select an account like “Interest Expense” to categorize your finance charge.

Then click the blue “Continue” button.

Step 5: Reconcile Your Account
As soon as you click “Continue,” you’ll be taken to a bank reconciliation screen that looks something such as this. The charges and cash advances associated with your bank card will show up in the left, while your payments and credits will appear in the right.

Just how to Enter A Charge Card Payment In QuickBooks Pro

Go through your credit card statement line by line. For each individual transaction on the bank card statement, find the matching transaction in QuickBooks and click it. Continue until all the transactions on the credit card statement are selected.

Once all the transactions are selected, go right to the bottom right-hand side of your QuickBooks screen. The real difference must certanly be zero. Or even, something’s gone wrong and you’ll need certainly to pinpoint the mistake (you might be missing a transaction, have now been charged twice by the credit card company, or have entered the incorrect ending balance).

Step 6: Save
As soon as the difference is 0.00, your charge card account is balanced! Now click the blue “Reconcile Now” button.

Step 7: Write A Check
QuickBooks will need you to this screen:

The “Write a check for payment now” option makes entering a charge card payment easy. It is possible to select that option right away and then click “OK,” or you can go in and write a check at a later time.

When you click “OK,” you might receive this popup notification about your reconciliation report. You can view or print a synopsis reconciliation report or a far more detailed reconciliation report.

Enter A Charge Card Payment
You can either enter a charge card payment by following the reconciliation step above and clicking the “Write a check for payment now” option by the end, you can also go right to the “Write Checks” icon on the Home page. Learn about How To Pay Credit Card Bills In QuickBooks Desktop, dial our support QuickBooks Support Number for further help.

Step One: Select Payment Account
Find the account you will be using to pay for your charge card charges (not the bank card account you will be paying).

Step 2: Select Credit Card Account
Now, skip right down to where it says “Account.” The following is in which you will choose the actual bank card account you might be paying. If you come straight through the reconciliation screen, these details will undoubtedly be automatically filled in.

Step Three: Choose Your Vendor
Return to the utmost effective and employ the drop-down menu to choose the seller you are making the payment to.

Step Four: Enter Check Number
Enter a check number (or adjust the existing check number if required).

Step 5: Enter Date
Make use of the drop-down calendar to make sure the appropriate payment date is selected.

Step 6: Enter Payment Amount
In the event that you came straight through the reconciliation screen, QuickBooks will automatically fill out the total outstanding balance on the card. However, you might want to adjust this total or make a partial payment. If it’s the situation, go into the custom payment amount.

Step 7: Write a Memo
You can include a menu to spell it out this payment if you’d like.

Step 8: Add Extra Information
At this time, verify that the account name and amount appear correctly and add any extra information (such as for example another memo).

Step 9: Keep Your Payment
Once your payment looks correct, click on the “Save & Close” button. Hit the “Save & New” button if you’re planning on writing more checks.

Step 10: Look At Your Payment
Lastly, go to Lists>Chart of Accounts and select your charge card. You’ll see a screen with all the recorded charges and payments. Make sure that the payment has been properly recorded and therefore the outstanding balance looks right.

Once you’ve done this, you’ve successfully recorded your credit card payments in QuickBooks! For more credit card help, browse the other posts within our QuickBooks Pro 101 Series.

For troubleshooting issues, browse the QuickBooks Community or call QuickBooks directly. Don’t forget to see the others of our QuickBooks Desktop Pro 101 Series to learn how exactly to reconcile a bank account, enter credit card charges, enter a bill, handle merchant fees, and much more.




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